National Arena League Week 10 Power Rankings

6. Lehigh Valley Steelhawks

Even on a bye week, the Steelhawks are at the bottom of our list. That’s what happens when you’re almost halfway to a winless season at 0-7. 

5. Maine Mammoths

Maine got outplayed once more in their loss to the Columbus Lions on Saturday night. It appears the only team that the Mammoths are capable of beating is Lehigh Valley, and that’s not much of an accomplishment.

4. Jacksonville Sharks

Jacksonville’s five-game win streak came to an end in the worst possible way. They played a close first half, then got absolutely dominated in the second half, including having McCain throw an interception after he was put in place of McPherson, who was benched. That, along with that 1-3 start, is why they’re still fourth on our list.

3. Massachusetts Pirates

The Pirates were off this week, but they’re still one of the more impressive teams in the NAL. Sean Brackett is keeping the team afloat on offense and their defense is still intercepting passes right and left. They’ve been consistent all season, and that’s why they’ll remain playoff contenders. 

2. Columbus Lions

This is the most complete team in the league. They have all the pieces on offense and on defense. Mason Espinosa continues to show what an amazing quarterback he is and the defense continues to dominate opponents. So why can’t they top our list?

1. Carolina Cobras

Carolina may have the loss against Columbus on their resume, but they outplayed the Lions in that game, holding a 10-point lead in the game. Other than that, these teams are almost the same. Both teams have complete rosters on offense and defense. Charles McCullum is just impressive a quarterback as Espinosa and the defense is just as powerful. 

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