Inside The Arena’s All-AAL Team, Honorable Mentions

Inside The Arena’s 2018 All-AAL Team, and honorable mentions from each team, selected by our panel of media members and arena football analysts.


Quarterback — David Washington, Carolina Energy

Fullback — Zack Brown, Atlanta Havoc

Wide Receiver (1) — Ryan McDaniels, Atlanta Havoc

Wide Receiver (2) — Dominique Bridges, Cape Fear Heroes

Wide Receiver (3) — Larry Beavers (Georgia Doom) and Rashaad Carter (Richmond Roughriders) (tie)

Offensive Guard — James Carter Sr, Richmond Roughriders

Center — De’Quan Murray, Carolina Energy

Offensive Guard — Tyshon Henderson, Atlanta Havoc


Defensive Tackle (1) — Larry Ford, Atlanta Havoc

Defensive Tackle (2) — Keontae Hollis Sr, Richmond Roughriders

Defensive End (1) — Greg Hardy, Richmond Roughriders

Defensive End (2) — Dasmine Cathey, Florida Tarpons

Jack Linebacker (1) — Ralph Scott, Cape Fear Heroes

Jack Linebacker (2) — Eric Crosby, Atlanta Havoc

Defensive Back (1) — Justin Sullivan, Cape Fear Heroes

Defensive Back (2) — Marjique Key, Carolina Energy

Defensive Back (3) — Micheaux Robinson, Atlanta Havoc

Defensive Back (4) — Laroche Quintez, Atlanta Havoc

Special Teams

Kicker — Jed Solomon, Atlanta Havoc

Special Teamer — Rochelle Pebbles, Upstate Dragons


Antwon Cutts, Wide Receiver, Georgia Doom

Jarrad Hernandez, Offensive Line, Georgia Doom

Luke Collis, Quarterback, Georgia Doom

Christian Wise, Wide Receiver/Defensive Back, Georgia Doom

Lee Chappel, Quarterback, Atlanta Havoc

Isaiah Jupiter, Wide Receiver, Atlanta Havoc

Brandon Lampkin, Defensive Line, Atlanta Havoc

Jacques Alston, Cape Fear Heroes

Chad Walcott, Wide Receiver, Cape Fear Heroes

Ryan Bach, Quarterback, Cape Fear Heroes

Jeremiah Spicer, Defensive End, Cape Fear Heroes

Julian Young, Defensive Line, Carolina Energy

Daniel Lee, Wide Receiver, Carolina Energy

Josh Doster, running back, Carolina Energy

Joey Gass, Fullback, Carolina Energy

Perry Floyd, Wide Receiver, Carolina Energy

Freddie Frazier, Defensive Line, Florida Tarpons

Randall Burden, Defensive Back, Florida Tarpons

Matthew Wells, Fullback, Florida Tarpons

John Banks, Wide Receiver, Florida Tarpons

Junior DeVeaux, Wide Receiver, Florida Tarpons

Ethan Farmer, Defensive Line, High Country Grizzlies

Stephen Panasuk, Quarterback, Jersey Flight

Emery Sammons, Wide Receiver, Jersey Flight

Austin Green, Defensive Line, Peach State Cats

Samson Anguay, Wide Receiver, Peach State Cats

Javon Horton, Defensive Back/Wide Receiver, Peach State Cats

Arvell Nelson, Quarterback, Richmond Roughriders

JB Walton, Offensive Line, Richmond Roughriders

Davon Morgan, Defensive Back, Richmond Roughriders

Ace Morr, Defensive Line, Rochester Kings

Donte Montgomery, Linebacker, Rochester Kings

Micah Robinson, Defensive Line, East Carolina Torch

Josh Smith, Defensive Line, East Carolina Torch

Byron Dickerson, Wide Receiver, East Carolina Torch

Joe Blount Jr, Defensive Back, East Carolina Torch

Davon Gardner, Fullback, Upstate Dragons

Jaron Moorer, Wide Receiver, Upstate Dragons

Quan Bristol, Defensive Back, Upstate Dragons

Brandon Ford, Wide Receiver, Upstate Dragons

Jonathan Andrews, Defensive Back, Upstate Dragons

Cameron Davis, Defensive Line, Austin Wild

Leonard Harris, Linebacker, Austin Wild

Max Paul, Defensive Back, Austin Wild

Tyler Barnes, Defensive Line, New England Cavalry

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