Nashville Needs Arena Football

Arena football is still a growing and fairly young sport. We see teams in every corner of the country sprouting up, in major cities, or in small growing ones. So why aren’t we seeing arena football appear again in Nashville, TN?

Nashville once had two teams, the Nashville Venom and the old AFL Nashville Kats. The Venom played in the Professional Indoor Football League in 2014 and 2015. They were led by current Carolina Cobras head coach Billy Back, and had star players like quarterback Charles McCullum, receivers Jordan Jolly – who are also with Carolina – as well as Phillip Barnett, defensive backs Corry Stewart and Kenny Neal, defensive lineman Walter Thomas, and linebacker Cobrani Mixon. The Venom won the 2014 Pro Indoor Football League (PIFL) Championship, and lost in the semifinals the next season.

The city of Nashville, one of the biggest cities in the south and most well-known, should have a team in place. With plenty of venues, like the Curb Event Center, Nashville Municipal Auditorium (where the Venom played), and many others, one can only wonder why teams aren’t making a home in the Music City. Sports, especially football, is huge in the southern region of the United States.

Bringing in local talent from a school like Vanderbilt, and former high school stars, as well as coaches, people would take notice, and fix the attendance issues that teams like the Venom and Nashville Kat’s had in the past. Advertisements, radio deals, and billboards. A team in Nashville could definitely succeed.

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