Futures Bright for Carolina Energy, Georgia Doom

The American Arena League is shaping the arena franchises of the future. The Carolina The Energy and Georgia Doom are new expansion teams in their first season. Carolina is currently 6-3 on the season, and the Doom are 6-2.

The Energy, based out of Charlotte, NC, have only lost two games this season against arguably the best teams in the AAL: the Richmond Roughriders and Atlanta Havoc. Against the Roughriders, they lost by only two touchdowns, and against the Havoc, they lost by 15 points. They have one of the most talented rosters in the AAL.

Their quarterback, David Washington, is considered one of the best in the league. Running back Joey Gass, defensive back Marjique Key, lineman De’Quan Murray and wide receiver Daniel Lee also are a part of the talented roster. Not to mention the coaching staff, including head coach Ervin Bryson, who won the 2017 CAN-AM League Championship with the Vermont Bucks.

The Doom, based out of Macon, GA, have only lost two games this season as well, their losses coming from the Energy and Havoc. This same Doom team defeated the Roughriders, who were 7-0 at the time and considered the top team in the league, making it possibly one the biggest upsets in recent arena football history.                     

The Doom have a rising roster, with old and new talent from all over the country. Quarterback Luke Collis has been killing it in the passing game, thanks in part to receivers Christian Wise and Antwon Cutts, and blocking from the offensive line in Jarrad Hernandez and Chris Hartman. Their defensive line have created one of the top four defenses in the league. 

On the coaching staff, they have head coach Gerald Dockery, that has an amazing track record as a head coach. Tim Shelley has a done a good job with this first year teams defense, especially holding up against the Roughriders. Otis Covington, the Director of Scouting, has done a great job bringing in dynamic players for this football team.

Now that the two teams have been discussed, what about their futures? Many speculate the AAL won’t be around much longer, or won’t play after next season. 

The Energy and Doom (as could the Havoc and Roughriders) could very well play in the National Arena League, who only has six teams. In the direction that these teams are going in, they could very well compete in the NAL. They have former NFL, CFL, NAL, and AFL players, as well as young rising stars. 

They also have coaches with successful track records in the arena world, great venues, and electric fan bases (look at Charlotte.)

In the end, regardless of the league they play in, the Doom and Energy are looking like spotlights of the AAL, whether it be in that league or in the NAL.

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