Washington Valor 0-4 Start Looks Familiar

Following their loss to the Albany Empire on Friday night, the Washington Valor have gotten off to an 0-4 start. In the NFL, they would be hitting the panic button right now. However, this is the Arena Football League. They are very much alive and they could still find themselves in ArenaBowl XXXI on July 28. 

Yes, the league only has four teams. Yes, all teams make the playoffs. But that’s not the only reason Washington fans should stay confident about their team. Arena football fans have seen this before.

In 2015, the Jacksonville Sharks also got off to an 0-4 start. That team had many talented players on their team, including quarterback Tommy Grady and running back Derrick Ross, to name a few. They went on to finish that season 10-8 and advanced all the way to ArenaBowl XXVIII against the San Jose Sabercats.

Washington looks identical to where Jacksonville was in their 0-4 start. They, too, have much talent on their team, including quarterback Warren Smith Jr, who won the National Arena League MVP in 2017, future Hall of Fame wide receiver T.T. Toliver, Greg Carr and defensive back Tracy Belton, who’s made a name for himself. 

Washington will make the postseason regardless if they finish like the Sharks did in 2015 or they continue to play the way they have the first four weeks of the season. They will then have a home-and-home playoff series with one of the other three teams to determine who will advance to ArenaBowl XXXI.

 If the Valor do win ArenaBowl XXXI on July 28, it would be a story arena football fans will remember for years to come. It looks like a long shot at this point, but anything is possible. 

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