National Arena League Week 6 Power Rankings

6. Lehigh Valley Steelhawks

There’s not much left to say about the the struggle Steelhawks as they’re a dead ringer for last place on the Inside the Arena Power Rankings list.  They did manage to score 14 more points that the week before [which would be great if their final tally wasn’t a measly 17 points] and held the Jacksonville Sharks off for lowest points scored against Lehigh Valley this season.

Unfortunately, for them, that’s still a massive 44 points but it’s something positive for the Steelhawks.

5. Maine Mammoths

Maine is still searching for that missing piece that will push them over the hump and break them into the top end of this league. Taking a stout Massachusetts Pirates team to a nail biting finish in overtime proves they have the ability to challenge any one the the teams on this list, but just can’t do so with consistency.

4. Jacksonville Sharks

The Jacksonville Sharks on the rise. After getting their feet under them last week against Maine and ending their skid, Jacksonville is going to take the domination over the Lehigh Valley steelhawks with the mindset of  “a win is a win”.

3. Carolina Cobras

The Cobras have taken a blow after rattling off four wins in a row. Although they are still one of the most potent teams in the league, little bandages add up to coffins and the Cobras have to regain their laser like focus in the coming weeks.

2. Columbus Lions

After a setback against the Pirates last week, the Lions were in no mood to come up short again and proved it against the Carolina Cobras. Mason Espinosa defined “Clutch” by finding the end zone with no time on the clock to take advantage of the Cobras mistakes and make it a walk off victory.

1. Massachusetts Pirates

With last week’s win over the Lions, and another display of outlasting our opponent, the Pirates rallied from a early deficit to show off Sean Brackett’s durability and leadership on the field to earn them the top spot on our list for this week.

The Pirates will be riding high as they come into Greensboro, NC to try to make the final leap into untouchable NAL territory and take out the Cobras at home, a task that they fell short of by eight points in Week 3.


  1. I think your ratings are flawed. How does a team drop from 1 down to 3 with the talent of their opponent compared to talent of team the number one ranked team faced. The Cobras lost by 1 point to the Lions on what some could say was a very tilted 1st half as far as the officiating was concerned. A pass interference that was not called on the defense in the end zone on Laughinghouse. Two holding calls, one that was missed (by this very challenged officiating crew) the other they threw the flag and then later recanted. How does a called holding become not holding. I mention those three calls because it resulted in a 12 point swing. I also have to ask where did they find this officiating crew? Where they Lions fans they asked before the game when the real officials didn’t show up?


    1. David, our Power Rankings are done by vote of our NAL team members, after presenting various information and stats.
      Carolina and Massachusetts were obviously 1&2 last week. This week Carolina lost a game that they should have won, even disregarding the officiating calls. Carolina gave away this game three ways by 1. Not going for the touchdown ( that would have put the Lions ~40 yards away from the goal line even in a failed attempt) 2. By missing the field goal and finally by failing to stop the Lions final touchdown. This was an obvious influence on the voting group that didn’t find it in good conscious to consider that the top team again.

      I hope this gives you some insight into our how ranking are put together and for what it’s worth, the Carolina Cobras are now currently ranked 3rd in the official NAL standings as well after being 1st last week.

      Best regards from a cobras fans.
      Jose B.


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