Lehigh Valley Steelhawks Head Coach Bob Kohler Resigns

Lehigh Valley Steelhawks head coach Bob Kohler has stepped down, effective immediately. In his three games as head coach, Koehler and the Steelhawks were 0-3, scoring 24 points in each of the last two games.

“Having been in coaching as long as I have and recognizing that when your physical health begins to reflect upon your effectiveness as a leader, life decisions must be made,” Kohler said in a statement. “Therefore, loving the Steelhawks family and Steelhawks Nation as much as I do I feel at this time it is in the best interest of the Steelhawks and myself in reaching this decision.  I appreciate the confidence and support given to me over the years by the Clark’s, the Steelhawks family along with the community and will always be indebted to you all…a Steelhawks fan forever.”

Kohler was named the team’s head coach after their last head coach, Chris Thompson moved on to be the head of football operations for the Albany Empire of the Arena Football League. Before that, he was the team’s defensive coordinator. Lehigh Valley went 15-3 in two seasons as Kohler as defensive coordinator.

James Parham will be the team’s internim head coach moving forward. He had been the team’s offensive line coach and special teams coordinator. A new head coach will be named in the next couple of days.

Lehigh Valley will be looking for their first win of the season when they travel to Greensboro, NC to take on the Carolina Corbas on Saturday night. Their next home game will be on Sunday, May 20, when they take on their long-time rival Columbus Lions.  

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