National Arena League Week 4 Power Rankings

6. Lehigh Valley Steelhawks

There seems to be no solution for the problem in Lehigh Valley. They have not only gotten off to an 0-3 start. They have been blown out in all three games.

In the time Seth Higgins did start at quarterback for the Steelhawks, he didn’t do so well. The offense as a whole hasn’t been able to click. Even their all-time leading receiver in Brandon Renford hasn’t done well in the receiving game. 

Defense has not been able to stop any of the opposing offenses, either. There are problems all over and time is almost up for them to bounce back. 

5. Jacksonville Sharks  

No one thought that the defending champions would be In the spot they are in at all. However, problems at quarterback have been the biggest issue to their 1-3 start to the season.

They have started three different quarterbacks in four games, and all three have not done well. Until they find the appropriate quarterback, they will continue to struggle.

4. Maine Mammoths  

Maine is the roller coaster team of the National Arena League. They could struggle in one game, do better in another,  then dominate in a third. They, like the other teams, have things they need to work out. 

They also have made improvements. Heading into the season, the only thing to make of them is that they had the duo of Johnathon Bane and Devin Wilson and not much else. Now, Edgar Poe has stepped into the game. 

3. Massachusetts Pirates

Massachusetts took a hit last week when Brackett was invited to Canadian Football  League (CFL) tryouts. That’s why they are where they are on this list. Had Brackett not been invited to CFL tryouts and did play last week, things may have gone different.

All in all, however, Massachusetts has been impressive. Their defense showed their worth in the first week and have been doing so ever since. If they can continue that, they will have a first successful season.

2. Columbus Lions

Columbus is looking for their third title in four seasons. They’re off to yet another hot start, dominating opponents and prevailing in close games. Mason Espinosa is repeating what he did last season. He is currently the only quarterback in the league to not throw an interception. 

Their defense has also been dominant. The defensive line does a good job at blitzing quarterbacks and the secondary has done well at defending passes. They are on a good path to that third title in four seasons.

1. Carolina Cobras  

With several players coming from the Wichita Falls Nighthawks, including 2016 and 2017 Indoor Football League MVP quarterback Charles McCullum and head coach Billy Back, coming to Carolina, expectations were high for the expansion franchise. 

They have lived up to the expectations. After a three-point loss to the Sharks in which they made a late mistake, they have won three games in a row and have solidified their spot as the top team in the league. 

They really only have one challenge left when they face the Columbus Lions for the first time in Columbus, GA on May 12. Coming out of that game with a victory would be a signature win and would give them an edge when it comes to hosting National Arena Bowl II on Saturday, Aug. 25.  


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