Arena Football League Week 3 Power Rankings

4. Washington Valor

Things may just have gone from bad to worse for Washington. Nick Davila was taken off on a stretcher in their loss to the Soul on Saturday night. Should the three-time ArenaBowl champion and three-time MVP have to miss time, things will just get more difficult.

Their backup, Warren Smith, Jr, won the National Arena League MVP title in 2017. However, he has played very little in the Arena Football League. There is no telling how he would do if he had to take over the team for an extended period of time. 

They will have to win their next game against the next team on our list in order to stay in the hunt for a home playoff game in the first round early. A loss would put them in a hole.

3. Albany Empire

Albany, like Washington, is 0-2 to start the season. It could be a problem with the chemistry between Tommy Grady and his receivers. It could be a problem with the offensive line not giving Grady time to throw. No matter the case, something is causing the expansion’s struggle.

While it won’t affect their chances of making the postseason [all teams do]. It could affect them getting a home playoff game in the first round of the postseason. Their Week 3 game against Washington will be a must-win. 0-3 would mean they’re headed for a road playoff game in the first round. 

2. Baltimore Brigade

Randy Hippeard is having yet another MVP season as far as numbers go. However, he is also getting off to very slow starts. Against Albany on Saturday, he had several drives where he continued to throw off-target passes and overthrown passes. 

He has always picked himself back up and played well, but he should be careful. A slow start could affect the team moving forward. 

1. Philadelphia Soul

There’s no question here. Philadelphia has defeated all three opponents three weeks into the season. They are the top dog in the league this season and will probably continue to be unless the other three teams can resolve all the problems that they are facing. Everything is clicking perfectly in Philadelphia and they’re ready to win their third consecutive ArenaBowl title. 

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