No Fear for Florida Tarpons

The Florida Tarpons will face yet another powerful team in the Richmond Roughriders in Week 5. Florida hasn’t  played a snap since Week 1. The question is, will this help the Tarpons defeat the Roughriders?                      

                                                                The odds should be on the side of the Tarpons. They have now gathered film of the Roughriders, made adjustments, and are well rested.

                                                              Since the season began, the Roughriders have went through three quarterbacks (Rakeem Cato, Bryan Randall) and have a record of 3-0. They have scored 162 points so far. Based on our very own AAL rankings, the Roughriders are ranked second in the league, compared to the Tarpons being 10, with an 0-1 record and losing in an embarrassing fashion to the Atlanta Havoc.

This time around, however, the Tarpons should have an advantage. Film, rest, and adjustments will be a huge difference maker this time around for the team.

But with the Roughriders crushing the Cape Fear Heroes 76-32 and knocking off the Carolina Energy (who has the number one quarterback in the league) 52-38, the Tarpons will be up for a challenge. 

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