[Footb]all in the Family

Javon Farmer received a rugby scholarship from Coastal Carolina University, but will be looking to walk on the football team as a fullback this coming fall semester. His father, Alan Lorminier, will be playing for the Upstate Dragons in the American Arena League in Anderson, SC, a mere four hours away from his son.

Lorminier told Inside the Arena that him and his son would not just be playing football, but would be reconnecting. “These last couple years, I have had a disconnect with the mother, so our relationship took a bit of a disconnect,” he said.

Farmer agreed to what his father said. “I️ was really excited because I know it’s going to give us a chance to reconnect,” he told Inside the Arena. “Him and my mom not being together, I️ think we lost a lot of time together and now that I’m older, I️’m happy we will get that chance to be close again.”

Lorminier also said that him and his son would be training at the Upstate Dragons sponsor gym in Anderson. Both will be looking to train together often, as well. “Whenever we have time, we’ll be putting in work,” Farmer said.

The Dragons kick off their season on March 31 when they host AAL affiliate Austin Wild. As for Farmer, should he make the team, he and the team will face a big challenge as they play the South Carolina Gamecocks on Sept. 1.

The football in the family doesn’t end there, however. Lorminier also spoke of his second son, Avonte Lorminier, who plays quarterback at Chantilly High School in Chantilly, VA. According to his father, the freshman has already gotten offers from Big Ten, ACC and SEC schools, although he didn’t specify which.

He did make one thing clear, however. “We train hard in this family.”

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