Arena Football League Announces 2018 Schedule, Including New Playoff Format

The Arena Football League has released their 2018 schedule, but this season is unlike any other season ever played. The playoff format is more different than ever before.

Once the season ends on July 7, the playoffs will begin [date to be determined]. The two playoff series will be home-and-home, meaning one team will host a playoff game and their opponent will also host a playoff game. The winner of the home-and-home will advance to ArenaBowl XXXI.

Should the series end in a 1-1 draw, the winner be determined by who has the higher aggregate score. If the aggregate between the two teams are tied after the second game ends, the winner will then be decided in overtime.

There will also be different rule changes. The league announced those changes, which are to make the games shorter and more exciting, will be announced at a later date.

“Arena football is one of the fastest, most engaging games out there,” Chairman of the AFL Executive Committee Ron Jaworkski said in the league press statement. “We are excited to announce some exciting changes for the 2018 season that we believe will bring fans even closer to the game — both at home and on the road.  These changes guarantee the excitement of a home playoff game in every city, and give fans a chance to experience the fun of an away game.”

In addition to all the changes, fans that buy season tickets for their team will also be receiving tickets to all the teams road games.

The entire 2018 Arena Football League schedule can be seen here. The playoff dates, including ArenaBowl XXXI, have to be released, however. There has also not been any word on the AFL and AFL Players Union agreeing to a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Stay tuned to Inside the Arena for updates.


  1. I was wondering it the AFL is going to be televised on CBS Sports this year? Has anyone hear of a TV schedule? I would really miss watching Sed Bonner and company in 2018 doing the games.


  2. I saw the new Play off format, sounds great. But, again…no TV dates. I have emailed the AFL League offices with the same question…TWICE..and received no answer. I guess there will be no AFL games on CBS Sports this year, oh well. I do not live by any of the current teams, and the news outlets rarely carry scores or news, so, TV was the only way to see games, and follow the league. To bad.


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