Austin Wild Quarterback Travis Martin’s Marvelous Journey

Austin Wild quarterback Travis Martin has worked very hard to get where he is today. Not too long ago, he was playing for not just one, but two football teams.

While playing football at Eastern Washington University, he was also playing with the Spokane (WA) Wolfpack, a semi-pro outdoor team.

“What made me make this decision was that i always had my eye set on the next level. What was going to give me the best option to get film and get the chance to compete at the next level,” Martin told Inside the Arena. “I chose to play for both teams because i thought they both gave me an oppurtunity. At the time the highest level for me was Division I football, but playing semi professional, I could get a lot of film so combining these two gave me the best chance to further my career in football.“

It wasn’t easy for Martin to maintain playing for two teams, but he made it work.

“I would literally have to go to EWU practice, then hop in my car [and] drive an hour to Wolfpack practice,” he said.

Martin had gone to tryouts for the Cap City Bulls in 2016 and the coach and general manager were both interested in what he brought to the table. They didn’t sign him, however, because he hadn’t finished his degree at EWU.

Over the next year, he watched every Cap City game, studying film from all games. The following year, when the team became the Austin Wild, Martin once again tried out for the team. He also remembered what happened short after he was signed by the Wild.

“I went up to my hotel room and called my father and mother to tell them the news that their son will be a professional athlete,” Martin said. “This has been a dream of mine and my dad’s since I was a little kid. [My] parents were crying tears of joy…truly a great moment I won’t ever forget.”

The moment was especially special for Martin because he was able to tell his mother that he was “officially a professional athlete”. He was quoted in saying it “was one of the proudest moments of my life.”

Martin has almost lost his mom on multiple occasions due to multiple health problems, such as brain aneurysms and kidney failure. “She is me and my dads world,” he said of his mother.

She is doing much better now, according to him. He still takes care of her in his off time alongside his father.

As for Austin, they will play the 2018 season as an affiliate team in the American Arena League. They will play the Upstate Dragons twice, the Florida Tarpons, the Triangle Torch and the Atlanta Havoc. The rest of their schedule consists of non-league teams.

Despite playing AAL teams, they will not be eligible to compete for the inaugural league title. That doesn’t matter to Martin.

“As a player, our jobs are to go out there and get us wins. We have twelve games on our schedule and our mindset is to be 12-0 at the end of the season and let our play do the talking for us.

“To be honest I am excited for all of them,” Martin said of the meetings with the AAL teams. “We all know that all these teams are great teams with great talent. I know my team is ready and up for the challenge. We want to send a message to the league that we are no pushover affiliate team, we are here to compete and win games.”

Austin will begin their season on March 18 when they host the Sacramento Rush. Their final game of the season is on June 2 when they play Upstate for the second time in Anderson, SC.

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