Jersey Flight Sign Wide Receiver Shamar Graves

The Jersey Flight have signed their first player. Shamar Graves has arena experience, playing for the Jacksonville Sharks in the Arena Football League.

This 6’3 240 pound receiver is an excellent early addition for the Flight. Not only does he serve as a threat in the end zone, his veteran football knowledge should help lead younger receivers. His size also contributes to his play making ability making him able to pinball off defenders to gain extra yards and give the fans something to get excited about.

Not only does Graves have good size, but he is also a natural route runner. He knows exactly when to make his cuts while running his routes and he cuts sharp. To follow up his route running is his talent for footwork. He knows how to toe tap and stutter step to annoy his defender with precision.

Graves is a veteran no doubt about it and uses that experience the right way working as an always reliable receiver that always fights for more yards.

Graves is a local talent, as well, committing to Rutgers as a three-star recruit out of Woodbridge, NJ in 2006. Graves played at Rutgers for three seasons with 2008 being his best.

It was at Rutgers where a lot of his skills in the AFL started. Even in college he knew spacing, knowing how to find the open area between defenders to give his quarterback the easiest throw possible. Although Graves didn’t lead Rutgers in receptions, he made every catch count. In 2008 he averaged 14.2 yards per catch only behind Tim Brown and Kenny Britt.

Graves proved in college that he was able to hold a team together and complete an offense.

After his time at Rutgers moving onto the AFL is where he learned how to lead an offense. In 2012 he posted seven touchdowns while averaging 12.4 yards per catch.

“I couldn’t be more excited about joining the Jersey Flight. I am a Jersey native and to have my home state have a first class organization like the Flight, it’s a dream come true,” Graves said on joining the Flight. “I look forward to working hard on building a winning tradition in New Jersey.” Flight fans should be as excited to have Graves as he is to be on the team.

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