Dallas Should Bring in Arena Football League Team

Once upon a time, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones owned an Arena Football League team. The Dallas Desperados played from 2002-2008 with home games being played at Reunion Arena.

Since the team folded following the cancellation of the 2009 season, there has only been one other arena football team in Dallas. The Dallas Vigilantes only lasted one season. It may be time to bring an arena football team, and there’s one man who can bring it back.

Jerry Jones has been there, done that with the league. He wouldn’t be willing to bring back a team because he may fear history would repeat itself.

However, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban could be the man to make the move. The millionaire Shark Tank correspondent would draw much attention if he made an announcement of an AFL team.

The American Airlines Center in Dallas would also be an amazing venue. 20,000 is the seating capacity, and in a city where the other football team is the most popular in their league, a Dallas-based team would fill those seats with no problem.

There’s still much to be done before a Dallas team could come around, as they would be isolated from the rest of the teams. With the league’s expansion plans, however, Dallas could and most certainly should bring in a team. It would be good for Dallas and the Arena Football League.

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