Arena Football League

St. Louis Should Bring in Arena Football League Team

After the addition of Albany, NY to the Arena Football League was announced yesterday, bringing the league count to six for the 2018 season and most importantly no teams moving or folding after a couple story filled off seasons. It’s natural to assume who is next?

There are reports that Newark, NJ is on the way shortly, which would make seven teams total. To make the league even stronger, an eighth city is needed, which may lead to a return of conference play. Given if that did happen, it would likely not start until the 2019 season considering five of the possible eight teams being in their first or second season of existing, splitting those teams up could lead to teams with poor records getting into a conference title game.

On Jan. 4, 2016, the NFL’s St. Louis Rams at the time, filed for relocation. A move starting a path to move the Rams back to Los Angeles, CA. So, the city of St. Louis lost their football team.

Arena Football League: It’s time to strike while the iron is hot. St. Louis deserves to see football again. It is home to one of the biggest cities in America with a population over 300,000 and is an exciting sports city.

The city hosts major sports leagues such as Major League Baseball (Cardinals) and the National Hockey League (Blues). St. Louis is also home to a major university, Saint Louis University. The Billikens also have a 10,000 seat arena.

The city of St. Louis could be a strong win-win situation to host an Arena Football team. If St. Louis were to get a team, it’s only a two hour flight to Philadelphia, home of the back to back defending champs, the Philadelphia Soul.

Phialdelphia’s ownership group lead the way to Albany returning to the AFL.  St. Louis getting a team would still make it easy for AFL teams to get around, but at the same time it would also open the door to more expansion towards the middle of the country.

This could open the door to Arena Football returning to football hungry states such as Texas. From St. Louis, it would only be a 90 minute flight to head to Dallas. Dallas had a team called the Dallas Desperados, who played seven seasons in the AFL from 2002- 2008.

The team was owned by the man that runs the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones. The AFL most recently had a team in San Antonio TX. The San Antonio Talons played from 2012-2014. So, giving a team to St. Louis could also lead the way to bringing back football to fans all over the area in the coming years.

If the the AFL brought back football to the people of St. Louis it would help them and the Arena Football League grow. Now they just have to make it happen.

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