Arena Football League

Newark, NJ Next Step in Arena Football League Expansion

Just days before ArenaBowl XXX, the South Philly Review pointed at the Arena Football League adding teams in Albany, NY and Newark, NJ for the 2018 season.

There is now a team in Albany, NY, as announced by the league on Tuesday morning. That means that the next step is a team in Newark, NJ. The team will play at the Prudential Center in downtown Newark.

Owners of the NHL’s New Jersey Devils would own the league’s seventh season, should they actually bring a team to the second biggest city in the metropolitan area. This would be the second arena football team in New Jersey to play in 2018. The Jersey Fight will play home games at the Sun National Bank Center in Trenton, NJ as a member of the National Arena League.

As for now, the AFL has six teams and the future looks much brighter for the league than it did when there were just five teams.

Bringing a team to Newark would be clutch for the league. They would undoubtedly bring in a big fanbase after they discover the Devils, a very beloved team in NJ, now owns a football team.

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