Breaking Down American Arena League Meeting

The American Arena League recently wrapped up their first league meeting to discuss the 2018 season. Richmond Roughriders owner and AAL executive Gregg Fornario spoke with Inside the Arena about the meeting.

Fornario started by saying that owners “and head coaches” from all teams in the AAL were in attendance and the meeting last approximately eight hours long.

Topics discussed in the meeting included expansion, the inaugural schedule, league rules, possible streaming services, sponsorships, ticket sales and vendors.

One rule for the American Arena League, according to Fornario, is that all teams will have a 30-man roster. 21 players will be on the active roster while nine will be reserve players.

As far as streaming, Fornario said that the main idea was for all games to be streamed on YouTube. They would join the Indoor Football League and National Arena League as the three arena/indoor leagues to stream their games on YouTube.

Fornario also mentioned that the league had signed with a radio station to have games broadcasted on there. He couldn’t, however, specify which radio station that was.

Expansion news could be coming very soon, as well.

“They [AAL executives] only mentioned that they are in talks with a couple of teams, but they [the teams] have until mid-week to commit since the schedule is expected to be released within a week or so,” Fornario said. According to him, the league is “aiming” to release their inaugural 2018 schedule on Nov. 1.

Overall, Fornario was impressed with the meeting. “It went well. [There were] definitely a bunch of great owners and looks like we are in for a great season, and some competive football,” he said.

Most teams are from the Can-Am League and the Arena Pro Football. There are also teams from other leagues, like the High Country Grizzlies from the National Arena League.

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