Why the AAL is Better Fit for High Country Grizzlies

The High Country Grizzlies joined the American Arena League after playing just one season in the National Arena League. After getting off to an impressive start, the Grizzlies released quarterback Stephen Panasuk and things weren’t the same after that.

Leaving the NAL was a blessing in disguise for the Grizzlies. The geographical location of the National Arena League teams was just too much traveling for the The American Arena League has more teams in states connecting to North Carolina, where the Grizzlies call home.

More games, more rivals easier for fans to go see and more publicity. One thing that most people are overlooking is where the teams are located. Some of the best recruits come out of the states that the American Arena League have teams in.

What does that mean? While these players may not make the NFL, they are still talented and these locations could bring up huge trades, amazing rookies and new fresh talent for the game. The talent some of these teams will have from the location and what state there in can really make some teams a powerhouse and more.

One can make the argument that the talent in the NAL was a good practice for the Grizzlies and it will make them a better team. In the AAL, however, they’ll play more teams that will not be like the Dayton Wolfpack, who eventually became a travel team with a different name.

Expect these teams to be like Lehigh Valley Steelhawks; fresh in a new league ready for some great games. This AAL season will be a interesting one for sure.

There has been no word as to when the league will kick off its inaugural season. In a Florida Tarpons press statement, however, they mentioned that the season would begin in April 2018.

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