Florida Tarpons to Have Games Broadcasted on GTV Sports in 2018

GTV Sports has agreed to a partnership with the American Arena League’s Florida Tarpons. GTV will be broadcasting Tarpons games during their first season in the American Arena League.

Multiple outlets will be broadcasting games, such as Internetwork1 and the Tarpons YouTube channel. Fans that miss the live broadcasts will also be able to view the games on demand.

“It is vitally important for the health of minor league teams such as the Tarpons to have a vehicle in which they can project their product and introduce fans to the sport and the experience surrounding it,” GTV Executive Producer Gary Tufford said. “Local sponsors are fortunate that they can take advantage of the opportunities to not only be a part of the team and the fans, but be offered affordable television advertising associations with their local team.”

“Having our fans be able to watch us over the air is an added bonus, especially since moving from our former home in Ft Myers. We generated a great fan base there and this helps to keep them in touch with the team and still enjoy the games,” Tarpons president and head coach Michael Taylor said on the partnership with GTV.

According to the league website, the Tarpons season will begin in April 2018. Florida and GTV will announce their schedule of broadcasted games later this year.

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