All Eyes on the American Arena League

The new American Arena League is continuing to grow, bringing in new teams in major cities. The AAL announced that they will be bringing in a franchise in Atlanta GA, called the Atlanta Havoc on Sept. 10. Shortly after that on September 20. The High Country Grizzlies announced that they will be leaving the NAL to join the American Arena League for the 2018 season.

With the big annoucements from the AAL. The league quickly created amazing rivals with in Georgia & North Carolina. The Georgia Doom will play their home games at the Macon Coliseum, also known as the Macon Centreplex in Macon Georgia. 83.8 miles, 1 hour 17mins away is Atlanta. Both Georgia Doom & Atlanta Havoc will become a huge in state rivalry. Now AAL has 3 teams in North Carolina. Cape Hear Heros, Triangle Torch, & High Country Grizzlies.

Another big announcement is the addition of the Richmond Roughriders, who were the 2017 Arena Pro League (APF) champions. This is good news for AAL fans. The Roughriders will most likely play in the AAL North Division, giving the chance to see the big matchup with the Canadian-American (Can-Am) champions in the Vermont Bucks.

Both blazed through their perspective leagues with the Roughriders going undefeated, having a perfect season.
The AAL is starting to look more competitive every day with the league having three former league champions (Arena Pro League champion Richmond Roughriders, Supreme Indoor Football champion Cape Fear Heroes, Can-Am champion Vermont Bucks).

The AAL also has the runner-ups from the championship games in the Triangle Torch, Rochester Kings and Florida Tarpons.

The league is beefing up talent, with the signing from Vermont Bucks quarterback Moses Skillon. He most recently played ball overseas in France. They also signed offensive lineman Tyshon Henderson, who recently played with the Chicago Bears

Richmond also made some big signings this off-season, such as defensive lineman Ronald Ollie. Ollie is expected to beef up the defense, a defense that has already been dominant against opposing teams.

The Roughriders also signed wide receiver Cam White, who played at TCU and most recently in the CFL with the Calgary Stampeders.

In its inaugural season, the AAL is looking to have an amazing highly competitive season.  With the new addition to add High Country Grizzlies from the NAL, who where lead by well know vetrans like Brandon Sutton, Daron Clark, and many more. The arena football world is watching right now. All eyes are on the American Arena League.

One comment

  1. I find it very hard for Rochester to come up with the money to travel. The arena they play in is to small the ceiling isn’t high enough and the glass over the taped on Dasher pads remain up taking away over 4 to 5 feet of reach. They haven’t paid the players and worst of all don’t have any WORKMAN’S COMP INSURANCES. Which costs in excess of $40,000.00 US for a 20 man Roster and Coaches also include team helpers.
    My concern is in upstate NY the weather is horrible travel is difficult . The people of Rochester do not support this team nor do businesses. If this team or this league fails like the SIF and Can Am did you will be laughed out of football.
    If Rochester give tickets to players to sell and be paid by that in NY State it’s considered to be compansation . Each professional team must have their own football specific policy in New York . Last year the Rochester Kings got away with it because they took the word professional out but this year they will have no choice but to follow the law.


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