Arena Football League Baltimore Brigade Cleveland Gladiators Philadelphia Soul Tampa Bay Storm Washington Valor

Arena Football League Week 18 Power Rankings

5. Washington Valor

It’s over. It’s finally over. After a season that saw a 10 game losing streak, the season has come to an end for the Valor. They are the lone team out of the playoffs. Now there are many questions headed into 2018. Will Dean Cokinos still be the team’s coach? Who will return? Will the Valor even return or was this their one season?

4. Baltimore Brigade

It’s unfortunate that Baltimore finished with the final seed in the playoffs, but due to poor play the final couple games and the loss of quarterback Shane Carden, this is where they now stand at the end of the season. They are not expected to play in the ArenaBowl on Aug. 26, but the season they had overall was a good one.

3. Cleveland Gladiators

It has been a roller coaster season for the Gladiators. After a 1-3 start and starting three different quarterbacks, they are going into the playoffs with a chip on their shoulder. Week in and week out, they have just gotten better and better. Now, they have a good chance at upsetting the next team on our list in their playoff matchup next Monday to advance to ArenaBowl XXX.

2. Tampa Bay Storm

Tampa Bay had an incredible turnaround this season, going from 2-15 to now (11-3, 10-4). Of course it didn’t come easy. They had to clean house and bring all sorts of veterans. They have played flawless football all season long, but their only weakness is they couldn’t beat the defending champs.

1. Philadelphia Soul

The Soul are the clear cut winner to win ArenaBowl XXX at this point. They have a much easier matchup in the Brigade than they would have had in the Gladiators. Should Tampa Bay beat Cleveland in the second semifinal, Philadelphia would host the Storm in the title game Aug. 26. As they have shown in all three meetings this season, the Soul have the Storm’s number. They’re looking like they will repeat as ArenaBowl champions at season’s end.

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