National Arena League

Lehigh Valley Steelhawks Quarterback Warren Smith, Jr Wins National Arena League MVP

Lehigh Valley Steelhawks quarterback Warren Smith Jr has won the 2017 National Arena League MVP. The star quarterback has thrown for 1,953 yards and 56 touchdowns.

Those numbers, like Derrick Ross in rushing, dominates all other opponents. The 1,953 passing yards are 342 yards more than the next best guy, Columbus Lions quarterback Darren Daniel. The 56 touchdown passes are also 18 more than Daniel, also the second best in that category.

Smith had many offensive weapons to help him reach the stats that he got. Darius Prince, Brandon Renford, Warren Oliver, Jr all were big contributions to getting Smith to his league-leading performance.

Unfortunately for Smith and the Steelhawks, they couldn’t cap off the incredible season with a championship. After riding a six-game win steak, they blew a 22-point lead in the NAL semifinals and lost to the Lions, 52-50. In an interview with Inside the Arena, Smith said he didn’t care about winning the NAL MVP title. Now, he’s got the award in his hands.

The Jacksonville Sharks and Columbus Lions will face off in the first ever National Arena League title game tomorrow night, July 10. Columbus will be looking to win their third title in three years in a third league. Jacksonville will be looking for their first title since winning ArenaBowl XXIV in 2011.

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