National Arena League Announces First, Second Team All-Arena Offenses

A day after the National Arena League announced their first ever first and second team All-Arena defenses, they released their first and second team All-Arena offenses. The following players are on each team:

First-Team All-NAL

Quarterback: Warren Smith (Lehigh Valley)

Fullback: Derrick Ross (Jacksonville)

Wide Receivers: Michael Reeve (Columbus), Darius Prince (Lehigh Valley), London Crawford (Monterrey)

Offensive Linemen: Cornelius Lewis (Jacksonville), Mo Ruffins (Jacksonville)

Center: AJ Harmon (Jacksonville)

First-Team All-NAL Kick Returners

1st Team: Brandon Renford (Lehigh Valley)

Second-Team All-NAL

Quarterback: Mason Espinosa (Columbus)

Fullback: Undra Hendrix (High Country)

Wide Receivers: Brandon Renford (Lehigh Valley), Moe Williams (Jacksonville), Triston Purifoy (Columbus)

Offensive Linemen: Brett Piekarski (Lehigh Valley), Colin Madison (Monterrey)

Center: Ryne Holland (Columbus)

Second-Team All-NAL Kick Returners

2nd Team: Daron Clark (High County)

The National Arena League will announce individual awards at their first annual awards banquet this Sunday night, July 9, in Jacksonville. On Monday, July 10, the Jacksonville Sharks and Columbus Lions will compete in the first ever NAL title game.

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