National Arena League

National Arena League Announces First, Second Team All-Arena Defenses

The National Arena League has announced their first and second team all-arena defensive teams. The teams look like the following:

First-Team All-NAL

Defensive Lineman: Joe Sykes (Monterrey)

Defensive Lineman: Jabari Fletcher (Monterrey)

Defensive Lineman: Jermiah Price (Jacksonville)

MACK Linebacker: Wesley Mauia (Monterrey)

JACK Linebacker: Charlie Hunt (Jacksonville)

Defensive Back: Erick McIntosh (Jacksonville)

Defensive Back: Kyle Griswould (Columbus)

Defensive Back: Marvin Ross (Jacksonville)

First-Team All-NAL Kickers

Nick Belcher (Jacksonville)

Second-Team All-NAL

Defensive Lineman: Brandon Sutton (High Country)

Defensive Lineman: Larry Ford (High Country)

Defensive Lineman: Daylou Pierson (Jacksonville)

MACK Linebacker: Larry Edwards (Columbus)

JACK Linebacker: Marte Sears (Columbus)

Defensive Back: Rodney Hall Jr (Lehigh Valley)

Defensive Back: Micheaux Robinson (Jacksonville)

Defensive Back: Svante Davenport (Monterrey)

Second-Team All-NAL Kickers

Brandon Rutherford (Monterrey)

The individual awards, such as Offensive Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Coach of the Year and NAL MVP, will be announced at the awards banquet this Sunday night, July 9. The Jacksonville Sharks and Columbus Lions will face off in the inaugural NAL title game on Monday night, July 10 in Jacksonville, FL.

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