Arena Football League Baltimore Brigade Cleveland Gladiators Philadelphia Soul Tampa Bay Storm Washington Valor

Arena Football League Week 11 Power Rankings

5. Washington Valor

Washington has been a team full of bad luck over the last few weeks. A mishandled extra point attempt against the Soul two weeks ago kept them from tying the game, resulting in a one-point loss. The next week, a couple bad passes from quarterback Sean Brackett led to a 24-point loss against the Gladiators.

In Week 10, a failed two-point conversion led to another one point loss, this one to the Storm. No one can count the Valor out yet as the playoff picture is still wide open. Not only that, but they will have quarterback Erik Meyer back in just a few weeks.

4. Baltimore Brigade

The Brigade have shown a sign of a bit of struggle over the past few weeks. Shane Carden has not been playing as well as he was. In their last game, the defense was not able to stop Arvell Nelson or the Gladiators offense. They will need to clean up their defense and get wide receiver Reggie Gray back into it or they will see themselves either at the four seed or out altogether.

3. Cleveland Gladiators

Cleveland has been playing much better football over the past few weeks, especially on defense. They have kept it close with the Soul, which is an accomplishment in this league.

They were also able to best the Washington Valor and their high-anticipated offense. In their win over the Brigade, they recorded four total interceptions. If their defense can keep it up, their team will see more wins coming their way.

2. Philadelphia Soul

The Soul were able to pick apart the Tampa defense in their meeting Saturday night, but they have still struggled on offense the past few weeks. Quarterback Dan Raudabaugh had been throwing many off-target passes and missing receivers.

It appears they have solved that problem, but that was just one game. Let’s see if they continue to play consistent offense the rest of the way.

1. Tampa Bay Storm

Tampa has lost twice this season, both at the hands of the Soul. Still, Tampa has not missed a step on either side of the ball this season. The offense is still high-powered and still putting up big numbers and the defense is still playing well, as well.

The only thing the Storm will need to work on moving forward is figuring out how to best the Soul. The two won’t meet again until the final game of the season on Aug. 5, and that game may have many things on the line.

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