Beijing Lions Chinese Arena Football League Guangzhou Power Qingdao Clipper Shanghai Skywalkers

Second Annual CAFL Draft to be Held July 10

The China Arena Football League has announced that they will hold their second ever draft on Monday, July 10 at 8 p.m. ET. The league told Inside the Arena that they would be holding it this Saturday, June 17, but that is not the case.

“There have been some exciting developments as the CAFL continues to grow in popularity and demand in China since our first official season of play in the Fall of 2016,” Marty Judge, Founder and Chairman of the league and its worldwide operating company, AFL-Global said.  “We will soon be announcing some exciting news to the public, but right now I feel we need the extra time in order for our coaches and internal staff to prepare for the influx of players who continue to make themselves available in our systems from China and all around the world.”

“The CAFL open tryout combines in Beijing, Shanghai and Austin, TX attracted many new players  and we are processing their data into our scouting files to be shared with our coaches ” Darrack Branch, CAFL VP of Football Operations said. “We want to make sure that the best possible players line up with us next season and that our coaches have time to prepare and utilize the information.”

The CAFL played their first season in Oct. 2016. The six teams were the Beijing Lions, Shanghai Skywalkers, Guangzhou Power, Shenzhen Naja and Dalian Dragon Kings and Qingdao Clipper. The Lions defeated the Clipper in China Bowl I, the league championship game, with a field goal as time expired.

In their second season, Super Series II, the Naja and Dragon Kings are not part of it. There are two new teams in the Wuhan Gators and Shenyang Rhinos. Super Series II will kick off on Sept. 29 and China Bowl II will be held on Halloween, Oct. 31.

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