Arena Football League Baltimore Brigade Cleveland Gladiators Philadelphia Soul Tampa Bay Storm Washington Valor

Arena Football League Week 10 Power Rankings

5. Washington Valor

Despite impressive performances in two of their last three games, their last seven games have not come out as wins. Injuries continue to hurt the expansion franchise, as three offensive stars are on injured reserve. Unless they can make things work soon with what they’ve got, they’ll slip further and further out of the playoff picture.

4. Cleveland Gladiators

Cleveland plays good football on offense, but they have not been able to win due to their schedule over the past few weeks. They have played the Soul three of the last five weeks. They’ve also played the Storm a few times over the past few weeks. Playing the top two teams in the league doesn’t help their case.

3. Baltimore Brigade

Baltimore continues to look like the team that will remain in the middle for the rest of the season. They’re not good enough to match up against the Storm and Soul, but they do look like they could beat the Valor in a rematch and have bested the Gladiators twice already.

The way things are shaping up, Baltimore is a lock for a playoff game. Unfortunately for them, that’s all they’re a lock for.

2. Philadelphia Soul

Once again, the undefeated Soul proved why they don’t belong on the top of this list – offensive struggles. They have become a consistent thing with Philadelphia.

In their win against the Gladiators, the Soul turned the ball over on downs twice in the first half. A defending champion should be playing like one. The Soul are not. That is why they remain #2.

1. Tampa Bay Storm

Tampa Bay is an unstoppable force. Last nights game was the first time all season the Storm showed any sign of struggle. Despite that, they were able to find a way to win, just like they have all but one game this season.

Their offense is now without question the best in the league. Their defense also is looking like the best in the league. If they can pull off an upset next week in Philadelphia, they’ll be looked at as the favorite to host and win ArenaBowl XXX on Aug. 26.

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