Arena Football League Baltimore Brigade Cleveland Gladiators Philadelphia Soul Tampa Bay Storm Washington Valor

Arena Football League Week 9 Power Rankings

5. Washington Valor

Everything that could go wrong for the Valor has gone wrong over the course of their first season. They have now lost six in a row after winning their first ever game.

A big part of their misfortune is injury. Three of their stars, quarterback Erik Meyer and wide receivers Mike Washington and T.T. Toliver are all on injured reserve. Their 59-35 loss to the Gladiators is the icing on the crumbling cake for this team.

It doesn’t seem as if things will get easier for them, either. Washington woll now travel to Tampa to take on the Storm at the Amalie Arena next weekend.

4. Cleveland Gladiators

Cleveland picked up their second win of the season against the Valor, but there is still many things for them to figure out on offense and defense. Through the season, the Gladiators have had much mishaps on offense, despite starting three different quarterbacks.

On defense, the team has yet to find a way to stop some of the best receivers in the league, including Tampa’s Joe Hills and Philadelphia’s trio of Shaun Kauleinamoku, Ryan McDaniel and Darius Reynolds.

3. Baltimore Brigade

Like Cleveland, Baltimore has had mishaps on offense despite starting multiple quarterbacks. Shane Carden has played enough to remain the team’s starter, even against the best teams.

Still, there is a bright side to it all. Despite losing star receiver Reggie Gray for the season, the Baltimore receivers have stepped up in a big way. Julian Talley has been the biggest key for the success Baltimore’s offense has seen.

They just need to figure out how to find ways to win games and they’ll be in the drivers seat for a playoff game in the first week of August.

2. Philadelphia Soul

The Soul are so good, they didn’t have to play this week to clinch a playoff spot. Despite that, they’re still not the best team on our list this week.

Despite all of their success, there is one thing the Soul don’t do as well as the top team on our list. Dan Raudabaugh has had more off-target passes than is used to being seen this season. Outside of that, the Soul are playing championship-caliber football. Either way, the top team on our list could be a threat to them.

1. Tampa Bay Storm

Tampa doesn’t seem to know how to do anything wrong. Their offense doesn’t turn the ball over at all. It appears every time they get the ball, they find the end zone.

Their defense is the opposite. They always find a way to commit turnovers and make stops at will. Randy Hippeard and his offensive weapons play perfect football and never fail to be successful. If it weren’t for their Week 2 loss to Philadelphia, they would be the team in the playoffs right now after defeating Baltimore in Week 9.

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