Arena Football League Baltimore Brigade Cleveland Gladiators Philadelphia Soul Tampa Bay Storm Washington Valor

Arena Football League Week 8 Power Rankings

5. Washington Valor

Five is the number of games in a row in which the Valor have lost. Even with a new quarterback, they have not found a way to win a game. They have kept in close on a few games, but it doesn’t matter how you start. It matters how you finish. The Valor have not been able to finish with a win in their five tries and that has them at the bottom of our list.

4. Cleveland Gladiators

Cleveland has played good football over the course of the season. They just don’t know how to finish. They even lost a 20-point lead to the Storm earlier in the season and lost that game. That’s not something any team should be doing.

Still, they’re playing good ball. Arvell Nelson leads the league in rushing and is second in rushing touchdowns. Perhaps if Cleveland didn’t have to play Philadelphia twice in a three week span, they wouldn’t be riding the losing streak they’re currently riding.

Halfway through their season, they need to figure out something to improve their team and get to their winning ways. Otherwise, they better hope they don’t do the worst during the second half of the season and find themselves in the final four.

3. Baltimore Brigade

Shane Carden continues to show that he can make plays. Like a few quarterbacks in the leagues, however, he’s not finding ways to win. The Brigade have currently lost three of their last four games  and are now sit at a 2-4 record on the season’s.

Like Washington, Baltimore changed their quarterback. Unlike Washington, however, the Brigade started a new quarterback because they thought it would improve their play. It hasn’t turned out their way.

2. Philadelphia Soul

The Soul may be perfect, but over the last few weeks, they haven’t played like it. The offense has had their struggles and the defense has had a tough time covering some receivers.

Still, they have done the one thing no other team has done this season; win all of their games, no matter how close it’s gotten. Even though they’re the lone undefeated team left in the Arena Football League, they’re not the top team on our list this week.

1. Tampa Bay Storm

The Storm seem to be the only team that doesn’t show any signs of weakness no matter who they play. All season long, they have taken care of all of their opponents, easily handling all of them except their 20-point comeback against Cleveland and their loss to Philadelphia.

Randy Hippeard hasn’t lost a step after tearing his ACL last June. Despite being on a different team, Joe Hills is also still doing Joe Hills things. Kendrick Ings has also been a key contributor to the Storm’s offense. LaMark Brown has also done well in his first season.

If the Storm continue to play the way they have been all season long, they could see themselves hosting ArenaBowl XXX on Aug. 26. They may face a tough Soul team, however, so they would have to give it their all.

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