Arena Football League Baltimore Brigade Cleveland Gladiators Tampa Bay Storm Washington Valor

Arena Football League Week 1 Power Rankings

4. Baltimore Brigade

The Brigade got off to a real shaky start in the season’s first game against the Valor. Quarterback Chase Cartwright mishandled several snaps and Baltimore found themselves down by as much as 28.

After benching Cartwright for quarterback Shane Carden, things seemed to have picked up. The Brigade played a much better second half on offense under Carden. Still, the first half effort led to their demise and to the fourth team on our list.

3. Cleveland Gladiators

With Shane Boyd at quarterback, Cleveland fans knew that this was going to be a different team than the one from 2016. They showed that in their first game against Tampa. Many passes were off target and he threw two interceptions.

Perhaps the Glads will take after Baltimore and bench their starting quarterback for their backup. Maybe that will improve the offensive performance.

2. Tampa Bay Storm

Like Cleveland, everyone knew the Storm would be a different team than the one from last season. In 2016, the Storm won just two games, both in the final seconds.

To kick off 2017, the Storm performed much better. With Randy Hippeard quickly shaking off his bad start, the Storm were able to take control in the second half. Joe Hills continued to prove he hasn’t lost a step, either, catching three touchdowns.

What was most impressive was the defense. The defense shined in this game, putting pressure on Boyd all game and defending passes well.

1. Washington Valor

In their first ever game, the Valor showed dominance from the getgo. They were able to jump on Baltimore early and never let up. Even with the Brigade’s impressive second half, Washington didn’t allow them to come back to pull off any type of upset.

Erik Meyer also proved why he was voted MVP in 2013. Even after a year out of football, he showed that he didn’t lose a step.

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