National Arena League Week 3 Power Rankings

8. Corpus Christi Rage

It’s clear to everyone that the Rage are just an awful team all around. They have not been able to compete at all with any of their opponents they have faced. For them, the sooner the season ends, the better

7. Dayton Wolfpack

The Wolfpack have been playing just as bad as Corpus Christi, but they were able to keep close with Lehigh Valley for a little bit in their first game. Since then, however, it’s been all downhill.

6. Georgia Firebirds

The Firebirds finally played a good game on Sunday. Unfortaurely, it wasn’t good enough and they’re sitting at an 0-3 record. Don’t count them out just yet, however. They’re the best 0-3 team of the three in the league.

5. Columbus Lions

The Lions have been playing better and better, but there’s still work to be done. Their offense hasn’t shown to be as explosive as some of the better teams.

4. Lehigh Valley Steelhawks

Lehigh Valley has played very well this season. Their lone loss came to the best team in the league in the Jacksonville Sharks, and that was a close game for the most part.

3. Monterrey Steel

The team south of the boarder have been serious contenders through the first three weeks. They’ve dominated all of their opponents and soon, we will see how they compete with the best.

2. High Country Grizzlies

A new team, the Grizzlies have shown that they mean business. They’ve taken Lehigh Valley to the edge and have dominated the Wolfpack and Firebirds. Their toughest challenge comes this weekend when they play the top team on our list.

1. Jacksonville Sharks

They’ve never been down and don’t expect them to ever be out. The Sharks have the best team in the NAL, and they’ve shown that in their first three games this season. Expect more of the same moving forward.

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