National Arena League Week 2 Power Rankings

8. Corpus Christi Rage

The Rage have played absolutely horrible in their first two games. They have not been competition for either team they have faced and if doesn’t look like things will get better before they get worse.

7. Dayton Wolfpack

Since their impressive first half Week 1, the Wolfpack have shown they’re not that impressive of a team as they showed at first. Being on the road all season will also have them at a disadvantage the rest of the way.
6. Georgia Firebirds

As sad as it is, no one can still make anything of the Firebirds after two weeks. They’ve lost to two of the top teams in the NAL. They’ve yet to show how they can do against the worse teams such as Dayton and Corpus Christi. When we see those results, there will be a better observation of what to make of the Firebirds.

5. Monterrey Steel

No one has really seen the Steel play. Their YouTube streams have been very late or weren’t posted until the day after the game. However, based on how they’ve taken care of business in their first two games, they’ve shown to be a dominant football team.

4. Lehigh Valley Steelhawks

The Steelhawks defense stepped up for the second straight game, but it also almost cost them the game. The Steelhawks blew a 13 point lead and almost lost the game. However, they came in the clutch and were able to pull off the win.

3. High Country Grizzlies

The reason for putting High Country ahead of Lehigh Valley is because they had the ability to overcome adversity against them. If it weren’t for Lehigh Valley’s defense stepping up on the final play, High Country would have gone to 2-0. Regardless, they have shown they are ready to compete in their first season as a team.

2. Columbus Lions

Columbus set an NAL record Sunday night. They scored 85 points in their dominating win over Corpus Christi. They were the best team in Week 2, but not the best team on the list.

1. Jacksonville Sharks

In yet another dominating performance, the Sharks showed why they will win the first ever league title in July with ease.

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