National Arena League Week 1 Power Rankings

8. Corpus Christi Rage

The Rage were no match for the Monterrey Steel on Monday night. If they continue to play that way all season, it will not be a fun one.

7. Dayton Wolfpack

They were able to keep it close with the Steelhawks in their meeting over the weekend, but the second half was a different story as Dayton turned the ball over several times.

6. Georgi Firebirds

Before coming to the NAL, the Firebirds finished with a 4-5 record in their last league. In their first NAL game, they looked like a team that would miss the playoffs.
5. Columbus Lions

The Lions seemed to have been overhyped. Everyone expected them to compete for the title after winning two titles the last two seasons. However, they couldn’t even keep it close with the Sharks.

4. High Country Grizzlies

The Grizzlies may be the biggest surprise after the first week. They played their first game with little to no error. It probably helps that they have Arena Football talent in quarterback. Stephen Panasuk.

3. Monterrey Steel

The Steel took care of business in blowout fashion against the Rage Monday night. Let’s see if the team south of the border can keep it up.

2. Lehigh Valley Steelhawks

The Steelhawks picked up where they left off last season, having another impressive performance on both offense and defense. Now, can they do it against the Sharks or maybe even the Lions or Grizzlies?

1. Jacksonville Sharks

Jacksonville may as well just stay atop the power rankings all season. The former Arena Football League team dominated what most thought to be their biggest challenge in the Lions. It’s looking as if no other team actually stands a chance now.

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