Beijing Lions Chinese Arena Football League Dalian Dragon Kings Guangzhou Power Qingdao Clipper Shanghai Skywalkers Shenzen Naja

Top Five Games of Inaugural CAFL Season


5. Beijing Lions vs Shenzhen Naja, Super Series II: Beijing scored the go-ahead touchdown with just 23 seconds left. The Naja had plenty of time to score in arena football standards. However, the Beijing defense stepped up and didn’t allow Shenzhen to reach the end zone in the final seconds.


4. Qingdao Clipper vs Shenzhen Naja, Super Series V: the Clipper were already on their way to China Bowl I, so a win over the Naja, who had lost three in a row, should be easy. However, a Reggie Gray fumble outside the end zone recovered by the Naja with 1:31 left gave Shenzhen the upset win in the final regular season game.


3. Beijing Lions vs Shanghai Skywalkers, Super Series I: it was supposed to be a preview of China Bowl I. It didn’t turn out that way, but this was a great game. Shanghai went for the win trailing in the first ever overtime game in CAFL history. A short pass from Shane Austin to Shaun Kauleinamoku was defended well by James Romain and the potential game-winning two point conversion failed.


2. Shanghai Skywalkers vs Qingdao Clipper, Super Series IV: the Skywalkers were looking like the team to beat this season. Unfortunately, a game-winning field goal as time expired for Qingdao eliminated Shanghai from China Bowl contention. At least the Skywalkers and Clipper gave us a good game, though.


1. Beijing Lions vs Qingdao Clipper, China Bowl I: the China Bowl was no doubt the best game of the inaugural China Arena Football League season. The winning team, the Beijing Lions, kicked a field goal to win the title as time expired. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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