Arena Football League Cleveland Gladiators

Inside the Arena Interview Series: Gladiators Wide Receiver Quentin Sims

Quentin Sims is one of best young receivers in the Arena Football League. Sims had a lot of big moments in 2016 including a catch that made it to #2 on the May 28 edition of Sports Center’s Top 10 Plays, a play in which Sims says his play should have been number one.

“First I have to say it definitely should have been number one for that week! And everything just timed out perfectly for that moment to happen.”

On June 11, the Cleveland Gladiators went on the road to face the Orlando Predators and yet another major moment involved Sims, he scored the 300,000th point in Arena Football history during the third quarter.

“That game was a tough loss for us, but it was exciting to hear that I was the one who scored the 300,000th point after the game,” Sims said, “Me being a rookie, I felt it was ironic I was the one who actually caught the pass. But I’d like to thank all the other players in AFL history for scoring and getting scored on as many times as they did. Without them the 300,000th point would have probably landed in someone else’s hands.”

Sims and the Gladiators experienced some more crazy history,  playing in eight straight road games to end their season (six regular season, two playoff games)  which ended with a loss to the Arizona Rattlers in the National Conference Championship Game. The run of games was definitely unique.

“Having eight consecutive road games is unheard of in professional football. One of my favorite things is playing on the road and silencing an entire arena by outperforming their team. Luckily our team did a great job being supportive of each other and keeping our motivation high during tough games, which is what our fans in Cleveland do for us when we play at home. It was a challenging experience that I hope never happens again.”

Sims’ teammate and fellow wide receiver Collin Taylor has left for China and the new Chinese Arena Football League, where Taylor plays for the Beijing Lions, but before he left everyone was keeping tabs on what was coming up.

“I was in touch with CT up until the day he actually left. Since then I’ve just been keeping up with what he posts on social media. That’s also how I’ve been keeping up with the CAFL. I’m very interested to see how big of a market this exhibition season can generate.”

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