Beijing Lions Chinese Arena Football League Dalian Dragon Kings Guangzhou Power Qingdao Clipper Shanghai Skywalkers Shenzen Naja

CAFL Super Series V Power Rankings

6. Dalian Dragon Kings

The Dragon Kings are clearly the worst team in the league. They’ll just be looking to not get blown out by the Naja in their fifth place vs sixth place game next weekend.

5. Shenzhen Naja

The Naja defense came back to life after a three-week hiatus. Unfortunately, it’s too little, far too late for them. They’ll be the five seed heading into championship weekend.

4. Guangzhou Power

The Power have a great defense. Their offense, however, is a little shaky. JJ Raterink and Alex Carder, who played in their last game against Beijing, both had problems with ball control and turning the ball over. That’s something they’ll want to avoid when they play the next team on the list in the second place vs third place game on Saturday.

3. Shanghai Skywalkers

A field goal is keeping the Skywalkers out of China Bowl I. Even though they won’t be playing for the title, they still have a great team. Their offense contains quarterback Shane Austin and wide receivers Shaun Kauleinamoku and Mike Washington. Austin leads the league in passing yards and SK and Washington know how to make big plays.

2. Qingdao Clipper

The Clipper’s defense wasn’t as strong as it’s been in their loss against the Naja. Still, they have shown to have a great defense and an explosive offense.

1. Beijing Lions

The Lions have the best team in the league. They have two quarterbacks who can make plays and two wide receivers who can do the same. Defensive back James Romain is making a case for the league MVP for Beijing, as well.

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