Beijing Lions Chinese Arena Football League Dalian Dragon Kings Guangzhou Power Qingdao Clipper Shanghai Skywalkers Shenzen Naja

CAFL Super Series IV Power Rankings

img_24366. Dalian Dragon Kings

It’s not question anymore that Dalian is the worst team in the league. They have been dominated in every way possible in every game they’ve played. The only thing they haven’t done yet is clinch the #6 seed.

img_24405. Shenzhen Naja

After a dominating win over Dalian, the Naja have lost three in a row. Each loss has been worse than the last. The problem seems to be the team starting quarterback Dak Britt over Xie Kun. Why they are still starting Britt is beyond anyone.

img_24344. Guangzhou Power

The same problem is keeping them from doing better than they could have been doing – turnovers. The main problem seems to be quarterback JJ Raterink, who commits more turnovers than any quarterback in the league. Luckily, the Power defense, led by Cameron McGlenn, keeps them at bay.

img_24353. Shanghai Skywalkers

A loss against the Clipper really hurt the Skywalkers chance at the China Bowl. They’ve still got a shot at playing Beijing on Nov. 6, but it will take some work. That being said, Shane Austin has improved on ball control, despite throwing a game-changing interception in their loss to Qingdao. They’ll need to win their final game and have some help if they want the #2 seed and a shot at playing Beijing in the China Bowl.

img_24392. Qingdao Clipper

The Clipper once again showed that they have the best defense in the CAFL. They overcame a 35-20 deficit to Shanghai thanks to their defense. They now have the edge over Shanghai when it comes to playing Beijing in China Bowl I.

img_24371. Beijing Lions

The Lions are so good, they’ve clinched a spot in the China Bowl with Super Series V still ahead of them. The Lions have a complete team and they made all sides of it work. The only thing they are looking for at this point is an undefeated season and a win in the first ever China Bowl.

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