Beijing Lions Chinese Arena Football League Dalian Dragon Kings Guangzhou Power Qingdao Clipper Shanghai Skywalkers Shenzen Naja

CAFL Super Series IV Preview

Dalian Dragon Kings vs Beijing Lions

The lone winless team against the lone undefeated team spells a disaster game. Dalian has gotten worse as the season has gone on while Beijing has taken the CAFL throne halfway through the season. After getting blown out 40-7 over a winless Guangzhou Power team, one can only imagine how much Beijing will beat them by.

Shanghai Skywalkers vs Qingdao Clipper

This appears to be the game of the week for Super Series IV. Shanghai has pulled off two consecutive wins while Qingdao started 2-0 before losing to Beijing last week. Qingdao and their defense know that they’re taking on Shane Austin, who’s thrown many bad passes. They see it as a favorable matchup. But they also have the trouble of covering Mike Washington, who has done anything he can do to get open for passes.

Guangzhou Power vs Shenzhen Naja

The Power have played well all season, but didn’t get their first win of the season until last weekend. The Naja started out well, but have fallen apart the last two games, including falling fast against Beijing last weekend. They’ll need to play much better against Guangzhou if they want to avoid a third straight loss.

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