Beijing Lions Chinese Arena Football League Dalian Dragon Kings Guangzhou Power Qingdao Clipper Shanghai Skywalkers Shenzen Naja

CAFL Super Series III Power Rankings









6. Dalian Dragon Kings

The Dragon Kings are just god awful. They have gotten worse and worse in each of their games. After competing in the first three quarters of their first two games, they couldn’t even get a first down until halftime of their 40-7 loss to the Power.


5. Shenzhen Naja

While their losing streak is only at two, the Naja have lost two in a row after winning their opening game. They’ve seemed to have lost their touch. They’ve been less competitive as each game has gone on. Their loss to the Skywalkers was a 13-point loss.


4. Guangzhou Power

The Power lost their first two games in games they were very close in throughout most of the game. They finally got a win by beating the Dragon Kings. While that’s not a statement win for Guangzhou, it’s a win that shows what the Power can really do.

img_24353. Shanghai Skywalkers

The Super Skywalkers are back. They’ve played well in all three games and could easily be the only 3-0 team in the league had their two-point conversion had worked in their favor against Beijing in Super Series I.


2. Qingdao Clipper

The Clipper finally fell against Beijing, but that can be put on the offense. Their defense is still the best in the league. They showed that in their first two games.


1. Beijing Lions

At 3-0, the Lions have shown that they’re the best team in the league. They have a great offense that has two quarterbacks that can lead them to scoring drives. They also have two great receivers in Collin Taylor and Erwin Sennett Wu, possibly the most explosive Chinese player this season. Defensive back James Romain has been a versatile player, playing both offense and defense well.

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