The Arena Football League Needs an All-Star Game

The NFL has the Pro Bowl. The MLB, NBA and NHL each have their own all-star games, too.

Even the Chinese Arena Football League, set to kick off their inaugural season in October, will have an all-star game on Nov. 12. The date is set for one week after the CAFL Championship Game on Nov. 5.

If the Chinese league has an all-star game, the Arena Football League should have one, too. The league, which just wrapped up its 29th season last Friday night, had come a long way since 1987.

They have games aired on big networks such as CBS Sports Network and the world wide leader in sports, ESPN. They also currently have partnerships with two famous companies in GEICO and Uber.

Not only that, but if there were an Arena Football League All-Star Game, fans would not be disappointed. Seven of the eight starting quarterbacks in the 2016 season could have been selected to the team of their prospected conference. There is also such great talent at the wide receiver and running back positions all across the league.

Defense is more of the same. Despite the top leader in sacks and top two leaders in interceptions all being members of the defending champion Philadelphia Soul, there is a lot more talent around the Arena Football League defensively.

The league will be entering its 30th season in 2017. Many things will be rethought to make it an amazing season. One thing that should be thought of is bringing an All-Star Game to the growing league.

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