Arena Football League

Who is the GOAT of the AFL? Aaron Garcia or Nick Davila

In Arena Football, quarterbacks rack up numbers that most think would never think exist in football. There are two quarterbacks, past and present that are pretty much synonymous with the AFL. Nick Davila and Aaron Garcia are those names.

Davila is currently dominating the AFL, while Garcia is now a popular head coaching candidate, after years of AFL domination.

Davila became the youngest quarterback in Arena Football League history to reach 30,000 yards last week against the Philadelphia Soul. This prompted the argument of who is the best player in AFL history, Davila or Garcia. Garcia is Arena Football’s all-time leading passer. Garcia holds the record for most passing yards, (62,180), touchdowns (1,336), and completions (4,436). Garcia has won one ArenaBowl, taking home the crown and the ArenaBowl MVP in 2011 with the Jacksonville Sharks.
Garcia was a dominant force, and his records might not be broken for a long time. Davila has won three Arena Bowls, which gives him the advantage over Garcia in that category. Davila is only 30 years old, which means he has a lot of football left in him. Davila could very easily play for at least six more years, and potentially break some records set by Garcia.

Davila has thrown for 30,232 yards, which ranks eighth all time in the history of the AFL. He has thrown 703 touchdowns, which ranks seventh all time in AFL history. He is going to go down as one of the best quarterbacks, and players in Arena Football League history.

He still have ways to go in his career to catch up to Aaron Garcia. While Davila has won more Arena Bowls, Garcia has every major passing record. Both will go down as some of the best players in AFL history, but Garcia still holds the title of best Arena Football player ever.

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