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Arena Football Power Rankings: Week 16

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8. Tampa Bay Storm

The Storm are now at the bottom of the league with one lone win. They have place good football this season, but there have also been games where they have been blown out. At this point, the Storm are just looking to finish the season on a high note.

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7. Portland Steel

The Steel got their second win of the season last night against the Sharks. Still, it’s only win #2. The Steel have played this season with two different quarterbacks and just can’t seem to get anything going.

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6. Jacksonville Sharks

If the Steel weren’t a two-win, and tje Storm weren’t a one-win team, the Sharks would be the worst team in the league. They have played awful football all season long. They’ve lost a double-digit lead to the Gladiators twice, they have struggled against the Storm, and have now fired head coach Les Moss. The only possible reason he’s not gone yet could be because the Sharks hand beaten the top team in the league in the Predators.

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5. Cleveland Gladiators

The Gladiators have put together one of the best teams in the league. Unfortunately, they have not been able to keep their record at .500. They have now lost two straight games and have lost their chance at hosting a home playoff game for now.

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4. Los Angeles KISS

This has been the best season in KISS franchise history in many ways. One is after winning four games in their first two seasons, they currently sit at a 7-7 record and are in the driver’s seat to host a playoff game in just a couple weeks.

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3. Philadelphia Soul

The Soul defense showed why they are one of the best, if not the best, in the league in their win over the Storm. Quarterback Dan Raudabaugh may have struggled in the game, but overall this season, he has shown that he could win his second consecutive MVP.

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2. Arizona Rattlers

The Rattlers were just two points from taking the top spot in the Arena Football League after their 62-45 win last night over the Predators. The Rattlers needed to beat the Predators by 19 points to take the top. Unfortunately, they were only able to win by 17. While that is an impressive win, it’s not enough for the #1 overall seed.

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1. Orlando Predators

The Predators lost to Arizona last night, but they currently own the #1 overall seed over the Soul and Rattlers. The Predators have off in Week 17, as do the Soul, but the two meet in the final week. A Predators win guarantees them a #1 overall seed heading into the postseason.

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