Arena Football League Washington Valor

With D.C Announced, What’s the Next Step for Arena Football in San Antonio?

Four months after Washington D.C. was granted an expansion team in the Arena Football League, that team finally has an identity. The team owned by the ownership group of the Washington Wizards, Washington Capitals, and Washington Mystics will be known as the Washington Valor.

This was one of three cities reported by ArenaFan’s Adam Markowitz in November to be interested in joining the AFL in 2017. One of those other two? San Antonio, TX.

By now, it really isn’t a secret. The San Antonio Spurs want to get involved with the Arena Football League. They came within renovations to the AT&T Center and Freeman Coliseum from buying the San Antonio Talons in 2014, and have been working with the league ever since to secure a new franchise.

Now that their friends from the Wizards have a team, what’s the next move for Spurs Sports And Entertainment to finally land their own team?

They obviously need to find time in their arena schedule to make it work. In addition to the Spurs, the AT&T Center also houses the WNBA’s San Antonio Stars and the AHL’s Rampage. But it isn’t impossible to fit a fourth team inside, as several possible dates this year for AFL games were not booked on the AT&T Center schedule.

They would also need to have someone who knows the league well to run some part of the team. This is the case for the other teams SS&E runs; for instance, Spurs GM RC Buford is also the GM for the Stars and the Austin Spurs.

Fortunately, they do.

Lee Johnson coached the Talons for all three of their years in San Antonio. He has expressed interest in returning as head coach for a San Antonio, and has confirmed to me that the Spurs personally know him and are aware he is interested.

There is less than a month to ArenaBowl XXIX media day. If any San Antonio team or news is to be discussed, it will happen there.

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