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Ranking the Five Starting Backup Quarterbacks

Of the eight teams in the Arena Football League, there are five that have backup quarterbacks that are now starting for them for different reasons. Here’s how these five quarterbacks rank:
5. Shane Austin
Shane Austin started the season for the Cleveland Gladiators, but soon after released him. Now, he is the starting quarterback for the Portland Steel. He has thrown for 1,771 yards and 36 touchdowns and 16 interceptions. In the NFL, a quarterback usually gets to 1,771 yards by Week 10. The AFL is going into Week 15, and with a shorter field, Austin should be well over 2,000 yards passing.
4. Jason Boltus
Boltus took over for Adam Kennedy as the starting quarterback of the Tampa Bay Storm early in the season. He has led the Storm to their lone win over the season over the Arizona Rattlers, but other than that, he has not been able to lead his team to victory.
3. Pete Thomas
Thomas is a roller coaster quarterback on a roller coaster team. He had played very well for the Los Angeles KISS after taking over for Nathan Stanley, but he has not led them to wins in all of his starts. He has thrown for 1,444 yards and 31 touchdowns to just six interceptions. He is just 116 yards from tying Stanley’s passing yards mark this season. The 31 touchdowns is one better than him and the six interceptions is four less.
2. Bernard Morris
Morris may have the least amount of time played of all five back up quarterbacks, but he is also the most successful. The Orlando Predators have scored a touchdown on 16 of the 17 drives he has led. He has thrown for 394 yards and 11 touchdowns in his few starts. That is amazing for a backup who has such little playing time.
1. Arvell Nelson
Nelson is an amazing quarterback and has led the Gladiators to where they are now for most of the way. He has thrown for 2,533 yards and 55 touchdowns to just nine interceptions. Not only does he lead the team in passing, but he even leads them in rushing. He has rushed for 162 yards and eight touchdowns.

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